About M & S

M & S Group is the holding company for M & S Logistics and BIMA Clearing & Forwarding Limited, providing end to end logistical solutions.

M & S Logistics is licensed to operate as a courier and freight services provider, including other associated services such as transport, warehousing and distribution. M & S Logistics is a member of the Courier Industry Association of Kenya and Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association.

BIMA Clearing & Forwarding Ltd is a licensed clearing & forwarding company offering customs clearance services in order to provide to provide a seamless source to destination logistics solutions to our clients.  BIMA Clearing & Forwarding Ltd. is a member of the Kenya International Freight & Warehousing Association.

Based on the strengths of its two subsidiaries, M & S Group is able to offer best-in-class service on a range of logistical services on general cargo and commodities including: courier for express packages; air freight for urgent cargo; sea freight for bulk cargo; customs clearance; warehousing for safe keeping of goods; and final distribution of cargo.

Our success since inception has seen the business grow in capacity and experience to provide services in the greater East Africa region, including Southern Sudan.